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Balz–Schiemann reaction

Lianyungang Klinechem Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 29, 2018

The Schiemann reaction (also called the Balz–Schiemann reaction) is a chemical reaction in which a primary aromatic amine is transformed to an aryl fluoride via a diazonium tetrafluorofluoroborate intermediate.[1][2] Both thermal and photolytic decomposition of the diazonium intermediate proceed through an arene cation, as evidenced by the equal product ratios in both cases.[3] Named after the German chemists Günther Schiemann and Günther Balz, this reaction is the preferred route to fluorobenzene and some related derivatives,[4] including 4-fluorobenzoic acid.[5] 



The reaction is similar to the Sandmeyer reaction, which converts diazonium salts to other aryl halides.[6] Other Counterions have been used in place of tetrafluoroborates, such as hexafluorophosphates (PF6-) and hexafluoroantimonates (SbF6-) with improved yields for some substrates.[7]Large-scale thermal decomposition of the diazonium salts is potentially explosive.


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