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Borsche–Drechsel cyclization

Lianyungang Klinechem Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 30, 2018

The Borsche–Drechsel cyclization is a chemical reaction used to synthesize tetrahydrocarbazoles by the acid-catalyzed cyclization of cyclohexanone arylhydrazones. The reaction was first described by Edmund Drechsel in 1888[1] and by Walter Borsche in 1908.[2]

Borsche–Drechsel cyclization

Borsche–Drechsel cyclization is the central step in Borsche–Drechsel carbazole synthesis, where in the first step phenylhydrazine is condensed with cyclohexanone to form the cyclohexanone phenylhydrazone, and in the final step the resulting tetrahydrocarbazole is oxidized to carbazole itself.

Borsche–Drechsel carbazole synthesis

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