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Plants containing tryptamine

Many plants contain small amounts of tryptamine. It is a feedstock for the metabolic pathways which influence plant growth and microbiome. For example, it is found as a possible intermediate in one biosynthetic pathway to the plant hormone indole-3-acetic acid.[5] Higher concentrations can be found in many Acacia species.


Tryptamine is an agonist of hTAAR1.[3] It acts as a non-selective serotonin receptor agonist and serotonin-norepinephrine-dopamine releasing agent (SNDRA), with a preference for evoking serotonin and dopamine release over norepinephrine release.[6][7][8]

Tryptamine has been shown to act as a noncompetitive inhibitor of serotonin N-acetyltransferase (SNAT) in mosquitoes.[9] SNAT catalyzes the anabolic metabolism of serotonin into N-acetylserotonin, another neuromodulator (specifically a neurotrophic factor via TrkB agonism) and the immediate precursor for melatonin.

Tryptamine is rapidly metabolized by MAO-A and MAO-B,[10] and for this reason, has a very short in vivo half-life.


The Abramovitch–Shapiro tryptamine synthesis is an organic reaction for the synthesis of tryptamine.[11]


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